3 Tips for Surviving the Era of Automation

40% of traditional jobs will be eliminated by automation within the next 15 years says Kai-Fu Lee, Artificial Intelligence (AI) pioneer.

Automation refers to the use of machines and technology to make processes run on their own without human intervention. As labour intensive jobs become obsolete, workers and businesses alike must ensure they adjust to remain competitive.

Here are 3 ways businesses can survive the era of automation:

1. Continued Education

Consumers expect faster, more affordable goods/services. Organizations that commit to learning and implementing new technologies to decrease costs and improve speed of service will win in the technological age.

2. Focus on Soft Skills

As competitors leverage similar technologies to streamline operations, businesses’ ability to empathize with customers and find creative solutions to meet their unique needs will be key to their success. Organizations must invest to ensure their workforce has the soft-skills necessary to keep the business competitive, once new technologies have been implemented.

3. Make Data-Based Decisions

Most business software generate detailed reports highlighting key metrics related to their function. E.g. EpicASSURE, our software for insurance brokers highlights bottlenecks in brokerage business operations. Businesses’ ability to quickly identify issues and pivot (make changes) based on the data will be key to their success in the technological age.

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Dwain Donaldson