5 Reasons You NEED IT Managed Services

In any small or large business, your IT infrastructure plays an important role in the successful upkeep of your day-to-day operations. However, not all companies have access to the same level of in-house IT expertise or infrastructure as others.

For example, a small start-up may not be able to compete in terms of:

  • Utilizing the best technologies to increase business efficiency
  • Maintain IT infrastructure resilience
  • Data security

because they cannot afford an in-house IT team of experts.

This is one such instance where an external team of highly experienced, trained IT professionals will be needed to give a business a competitive edge. However, the need for professional IT Managed services is not just limited to SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises). Every company operating today (regardless of the industry they serve), needs IT Managed Services to:

1. Improve Business Efficiency

By employing managed IT services, companies can improve efficiency. This is because they are concentrating on the rest of the business. While they can leave the experts to take care of the IT services.  An IT managed services provider would have the expert knowledge, and infrastructure needed to ensure your business’ IT operations are running smoothly and effectively.

For larger companies, a managed service provider is still effective as they essentially take care of all the upkeep and day-to-day running of such systems and services. This creates an increase in efficiency for your in-house IT team (usually one or two persons) to explore ways in which technology can benefit the company in its daily operations and in turn, improve its bottom line.

2. Decrease IT Costs  

Managed IT services is a better option for most companies because it’s much more cost-effective than hiring a permanent IT Team.  Many companies choose instead to have a permanent IT Manager then scale up/down the support they get from their IT Managed Services partner based on the immediate needs. Physical IT infrastructure is expensive enough, companies don’t need to get bogged down with paying an unnecessarily large IT team all the time as well.

If you’re determined to grow your company, it is important to outsource IT services so that your staff can concentrate on core business functions.

3. Expert Knowledge & Experience

How do you intend to keep abreast of the latest in technology changes and development? With IT outsourcing, those concerns are left to the experts. An established IT Managed Services company will have the highest level of expert knowledge and experience. This will allow your company to stay ahead of the game, and your competitors by ensuring that you have access to the latest in tech knowledge and resources.

4. Reduced Risk for Cybersecurity Threats & Data Loss

Emergencies and disasters happen. Businesses’ IT infrastructure must be prepared to weather any storm, from attempted cybersecurity attacks to the physical failure of critical pieces of equipment in the network. A professional IT Managed Services provider will have a clear understanding of the potential IT pitfalls and implement policies and procedures to help ensure business continuity at all times. Some examples of these measures include penetration testing to verify the security/integrity of your network, stress testing, equipment auditing, on-site and remote backups etc.

Data protection and security is the most important aspect of any business operation. For B2B companies, it’s important that your clients know that they can trust you. If they know that you have a knowledgeable Cybersecurity system/team in place, they will be more comfortable doing business with you. With a competent managed IT services provider, both you and your clients can be confident that your data is protected.

5. On-Call Support to Resolve Issues Quickly

With a managed IT services provider, companies can have access to on-call support 24/7. This will help to ensure that all your IT questions/needs are answered/met in the shortest possible time thus ensuring business continuity.

For example, a company with an IT Managed Services team would not need to wait for the IT Manager to come in the morning to fix an issue that may have happened overnight. Instead, the Managed Services provider would deploy staff to fix the issue immediately whether it is 12 at midnight or 6am on a Sunday.

There are a range of benefits to IT outsourcing. While not all factors will affect your organization the same, understanding the risks of improper IT risk management, is crucial when deciding to outsource. A good IT partner can provide a multitude of benefits to your company including improved business efficiency and profit.

Epic Technologies has a team of experienced, trained IT professionals and cybersecurity experts ready to assist with setting up and maintaining your company’s IT infrastructure. Visit our website at https://etechja.com/services/it-outsourcing/ to review our IT Managed Services offerings and request a free consultation today.

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