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EpicASSURE™ is a comprehensive software solution for the processing of insurance products efficiently and effectively. This is facilitated through a user-friendly, expansive, flexible and comprehensive system that responds to the changing needs of the modern business environment.

The Caribbean Edition

Create a sustainable competitive edge with EpicASSURE™ that will keep you ahead of the competition. Its standard package is available inclusive of modules that manage administration, client services, underwriting, quote processing and claim functions. This solution is perfect for surpassing your competitors in an increasingly demanding marketplace. Specifically designed to process all classes of insurance business within the Caribbean, namely motor, property, liabilities, travel, employee benefits and more, EpicASSURE™ is the solution for you.

Epic Technologies Assure Insurance Software

Capabilities & Features

Increase Efficiency & Productivity

Automated alerts remind users of priority activities required for outstanding accounts. This helps them to stay on track when processing their customers, therefore minimizing the use of the “I forgot to…” excuse, especially when handling large volumes of transactions. Workflow is therefore streamlined in a more productive manner that minimizes downtime.

Reduce Opertational Cost

A significant contribution to increased profit margins is spending less on operational expenses. Traditional paper based business processes are not only expensive to upkeep, but extremely time consuming to find documents when needed. EpicASSURE™ boasts a document management system that electronically stores all client information for easy retrieval when needed, whether for transaction processing or for sending over to the insurance company.

Cross Patform, Cross Device Support

As an application that supports both Mac and PC systems, EpicASSURE™ boasts an extensive feature list. The list below denotes the key ones that make EpicASSURE™ the best choice for your organization.

Renewal Notifications via Email

Payment calculations can be time consuming and may lead to errors if not done properly. This module automatically calculates payments to be made to the varying insurance companies and sub-agents. Thereby reducing human errors and increase productivity with EpicASSURE™.

Direct Data Exchange with Insurance Carriers

Communicating with an insurance carrier that utilizes applications such as Underwriter™ is a seamless process as everything but remittances can be sent to the insurance company using EpicASSURE™. Therefore, all documents relating to new businesses and claim requests are easily transferred to the insurer.

Customer Online Access

Through use of its web access portal, EpicASSURE™ enables customers to log in and see basic information on the status of their policy at any point. They may also request a quotation at their own convenience.